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Are you completely clueless about what is going on? (Even after the tutorial?) Watch this great explanation by Marc ten Bosch about playing in 4D.

Brane is a mobile/web/pc puzzle game set in a four dimensional world. The player can switch one of the usual dimensions with the fourth dimension to navigate a 4D puzzle.

It was inspired by the beautiful, long-awaited Miegakure by Marc ten Bosch, and can in fact be thought as a free alternative or at least an homage to this game.


jumpsplat120's let's play


Brane is set in a real 4D environment. You only see and move in 3 of them at a time; however, you have the power to swap one of the dimensions you can see with the hidden fourth dimension. Once the new dimension is visible, you can just walk along it normally.

As the fourth dimension is rotated into view, objects seem to distort, disappear, rotate. Really, it's just your perspective that's changing. The 4D world and the 4D objects in it are pretty much static, but the hyperplane in which you live rotates around your position and slices the objects in different and new ways. The 3D sections of objects are what you end up seeing.


The game is currently in early development. Please report any bugs in this subreddit.

Alpha 0.6 - Current Features:

  • 12 levels
  • Walk in a minimalistic 4-dimensional world, with hypercubes and hyperspheres
  • Push blocks in the four dimensions.
  • 4D LASERS.
  • Kill yourself with a comfortable one-button motion
  • Find shiny things

Future Features:

  • A standard 100 levels set
  • More puzzle elements
  • A "par" system where you can try to solve a level in the least possible number of switches
  • Level editor and transparent level format
  • Open source (maybe, depending on feedback)

The game in the browser and pc standalone will always be free, or pay-what-you-want. (But donations will always be accepted). Your donations keep the project moving forward and my spirit high, so a pan-dimensional thank you to those who donated. There might be some surprises for you in the future.

The android version is paid, just 1$ for now since we're in development. It's not yet on the app store, you can buy the .apk here for now.

I am now officially developing this game. If you want to receive updates, please join /r/Brane. I'll take it as a hint you're interested.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, Unity
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Tags4d, Abstract, Isometric, Minimalist, Surreal, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


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tetraspace.0.6.lin.zip 25 MB
tetraspace.0.6.osx.zip 23 MB
tetraspace.0.6.win32.zip 12 MB
tetraspace.0.6.win64.zip 13 MB
tetraspace.0.6.apk 19 MB
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I already suck at 2-dimensional puzzles. What makes you think I'd enjoy 4-d?

found a bug, my character likes to stand on his toes when he isnt moving

Cool, but the game mechanic in level 8 didn't really feel like creatively solving the puzzle, it felt more like exploiting the game

How do you complete level 9?

interesting but very confusing :)

Because my drawing skills are trash and I don't care to spend my time finding some digital program to do this, I've used Minecraft to represent a 3d analogous to the last level. I'd mark it as a spoiler if I could, but here it is:

Nice alternative to Miegakure. I always love to play around with multidimensional stuff.  During gameplay is it normal that when you switching dimensions it is hard to predict the result especially the very first time?

In my experience, it took me a bit to wrap my head around what was truly going on. While I was trying to, prediction was difficult but not impossible, so I was able to get through the levels with a lot of trial and error, and only a partial understanding. But once I played through the levels a second time, with my goal being to really THINK about what I was doing and why, I was able to fully predict the results, and switch with purpose. That's what really transformed the game for me. 

I just roll my face on the wasd keys and spam space, and crap happens.